List of all my Software and Owned Hardware

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This page is for anybody who is interested in the software and tools I use to complete my daily tasks.


Operating systems & philosophy

I’ve experimented with various workstation operating systems, including different Ubuntu, Debian, Arch, Alpine, Artix, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and Windows variants. However, my preferred distribution is Void Linux. It’s an independent, from-scratch rolling release that not only works but always works.

Void Linux uses the outstanding xbps package manager, which is rock-solid and one of the quickest package managers available. It also features the runit init system instead of systemd, following the KISS principle and offering a compact, quick, and user-friendly init system.

Although my go-to OS is Void Linux on my laptop, I use Windows on my main machine. This choice is primarily because I enjoy playing video games in my spare time, some of which are multiplayer. While Linux gaming has improved significantly with Proton & Steam, many of my games are not supported by these services, making it a hassle to manually configure Proton for each game with Lutris and deal with the hit-or-miss nature of different multiplayer games. So, for maximum efficiency and pragmatism, I opt for Windows.

When it comes to my operating system or program workflow, my top goal is to remove impediments. While I don’t mind a little adjusting now and then, I prefer an approach that doesn’t cause any unnecessary delays, allowing me to keep working. Usually, I achieve this through one-time configurations carried out via handwritten scripts.



You can find all my dotfiles on Github.





Recall that I reside in a poor third-world nation where hardware availability is sparse. Most of what I own is not to my taste; rather, it’s primarily what I could find.

Main machine

Main Machine


Right now, I’m using a dated entry-level LENOVO G50-70 20351


I also own an Acer Extensa 5635 653G25 Mn laptop, which was actually my first laptop.


The remainder of my hardware includes: