Hello, World

This is my first blog entry, “Hello world” seems like a logical name for it. When learning something new, professional programmers typically start it with a hello world.

So! I’ve seen numerous blogs that have start with the classic “yo this is my first blog post!” and then nothing else, every one-post blog had a person who once was behind it like “Surely! surely I will have a lot to say” and then nothing, which is kind of depressing when you think about it.

Although there are still many fully developed blogs out there with a lot of text, thoughts, ideas, and expertise. That I’m sure are probably, definitely more pleasant to read than what I’m typing at the moment.

I hope this mess of a site will join the latter, but I make no guarantees. who knows? After this post, I might just vanish into thin air, you never know, since I created this website with HUGO, at least I would have learned something in the process, even made my own hacky theme.

Well, since this is the first post, I don’t have much else to say, I’m very tired so i will see you in the next post, maybe? if one exists, and you are still here.