Embracing Simplicity A Journey in Software Customization

When I was younger, I had a fascination with customizing everything on my devices—fonts, icons, wallpapers—you name it. I strived to strike a perfect balance between minimalism and eye candy, avoiding excessive and useless widgets like Rainmeter that only drained my CPU’s resources. Sure, I wanted my setup to look good, but I didn’t go overboard with unnecessary visual elements.

As I delved into Linux, my interest in customization peaked even further. Ricing became a passion—I aimed for a minimal, sleek, and efficient setup while still making it visually appealing. Achieving that “suckless” look was the ultimate goal.

However, as time passed, something within me shifted, and my priorities changed. I began to focus more on the practical aspects of my devices rather than their appearance. Don’t get me wrong; I still paid attention to my workflow and aimed for efficiency, but the allure of eye candy started to wane. Even simple tasks like setting up a background lost their appeal, and I found myself caring less about the aesthetics of my setup.

This change got me thinking: What happened? Did I simply grow out of my love for customization? Did the process of growing up make me more pragmatic and focused on the essentials? After some introspection, I came to realize that my shift in preferences was indeed linked to maturity and a deeper understanding of what truly matters.

In our younger years, we often seek validation and appreciation through the visual appeal. Customization and eye candy may provide a sense of uniqueness and style, but as we grow older, we start to recognize the intrinsic value of functionality and efficiency. Time becomes more precious, and the desire to streamline our digital experiences takes precedence over superficial enhancements.

The shift towards embracing simplicity doesn’t mean we completely abandon our appreciation for aesthetics. Rather, it is a realization that the beauty lies not just in its appearance but in how seamlessly something integrates and enhance the workflow.

Ultimately, this journey from eye candy to pragmatism is a natural part of personal growth. As we mature, we learn to prioritize substance over style, recognizing that what truly matters is how our devices and tools empower us, simplify our lives, and allow us to focus on what truly matters.