Speyll's Corner in the Internet's Sea

Greetings, the name is Lyes, I usually go by Speyll on the interweb and this is my corner of it, just a random dude doing stuff in the net ever since he got access to it, free spirit, open source enthusiast, artist wannabe who enjoys anime, gaming, and huge oversized comfortable shirts after regular workout sessions.

Why do i maintain this site?

The transition from web 1.0 to web 2.0, in my opinion, resulted in a significant loss of creativity, as people used to create their own distinctive, individualized spaces, devoted to subjects they loved. Nowdays they live in a bubble where the majority of their creative freedom has been restricted by factors like social media websites’ popularity and algorithm search engines.

There are some nice things that arose from those sites, but it’s still confined by what companies want it to be, it’s just a cute little box that you’re caught in.

This site is like a home, It is on a server, but it is backed up, so if I ever need to, I can move it to another server or host it myself. a place of mine in the internet’s sea.

Some random tidbits